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The Georgian folk-song group Iberi was established in 2012 by singer Buba Murghulia. The name of the choir derives from the word “Iberia,” Georgia’s original name. Their extensive repertoire includes songs from across the country that demonstrate different kinds of polyphony, and while the tradition is essentially secular, it includes ancient and rarely performed sacred songs.

Iberi aims at popularizing the folklore of Georgia that is famous for its rich cultural traditions. Georgia’s polyphonic singing is on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Iberi performs ancient Georgian songs and pagan compositions, bringing this historically significant music into the present. As Georgian culture has become more city-centered and pop-influenced, its unique polyphonic singing has been threatened, but a new wave of singers is embracing it. Singing for Iberi isn’t just dramatic and intense stage performance, it’s a social activity, often performed at a supra, a traditional feast that’s at the center of Georgian life.

This outstanding vocal group will take listeners on a remarkable auditory adventure into the past.

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