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Trout Fishing in America and Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds

Americana and Folk

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Trout Fishing in America is the long-standing and yet seemingly unlikely musical partnership of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet. As individuals, they are about as different as one can imagine. Together, they blend seamlessly in a way that has captured the imagination and hearts of audiences of all ages for over four decades. Idlet, on guitar and banjo, stands 6 feet 8 inches tall, while Grimwood, on bass, stretches to 5 feet 5½ inches on a humid day. Idlet is more playful and extroverted, while Grimwood is more serious and reserved. Each of them brings out the best in the other and the joy that comes from this musical interaction is contagious and impossible to deny.

The duo has earned four Grammy nominations for their family albums. The most recent family release is Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. Try saying that five times fast! The album features tongue twisters, mind-benders, spooky situations, and instantly identifiable slices of a kid’s life. In April 2017, they changed gears and released a folk-rock album called The Strangest Times. The project is a return to the roots of the band. There are eleven new, original tunes and one cover (B. W. Stevenson’s “On My Own”). The songs explore a wide range of feelings and musical styles that blend seamlessly into an inspired and cohesive work. Included in their catalog is a children’s book and CD set, Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important, published through Secret Mountain. The spoken-word tale is followed by eleven original songs relating to the story. Real people and animals in Grimwood’s and Idlet’s lives inspired the characters in the songs.

To see these guys perform live is truly a wonder to behold. They possess a certain raw magic that leaves audiences of all ages entertained to their childhood core.

—SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live

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