Treat mom to a unique gift from the Museum Store

Celebrate mom with an exceptional experience at MIM on Sunday, May 14. Explore the galleries, treat her to lunch at Café Allegro, and surprise her with a special gift from the Museum Store.

Choose from an international selection of exquisite one-of-a-kind items to fit any style and budget.

  • Jewelry: A handmade collection of the finest work from artisans around the world, featuring colorful beadwork from Turkey, intricate fabric designs from Argentina, piano-wire creations with delicate geodes, and locally made Native American pieces of silver and turquoise.
  • Home accessories: A variety of globally sourced and fairly traded décor, as well as music-inspired kitchen accessories.
  • Instruments: Endless entertainment with instruments for all skill levels ranging from beginner to professional. Our selection will help you create musical memories with mom.

Stocked with an assortment of global gifts, the Museum Store is a great place to find a special item as unique as your mom. If you can’t shop in person, shop the MIM Online Store. And remember, a MIM gift card is always appreciated and can be used to purchase admission to the museum, concert tickets, lunch at Café Allegro, and gifts in the Museum Store.