Thank you for helping MIM grow these past seven years

On April 24, 2010, MIM opened its doors to the public for the first time, and today we celebrate the museum’s seventh anniversary.

Within just seven years, the museum has welcomed about two million guests to explore the world of music, maintained its ranking from TripAdvisor as the number one attraction in Phoenix for the last three years, and was named one of the top twenty museums in the United States according to TripAdvisor.

MIM has grown in many other capacities since it first opened as well. Initially, the MIM Music Theater hosted about sixty concerts per year, and in 2016 that number grew to 258, quadrupling in size. Last year, nearly fifty-eight thousand school and youth field-trip participants visited MIM, and we aim to continue to grow that number with a goal of one hundred thousand annually by 2020.

The displays throughout MIM’s galleries have also grown. When MIM opened, it had 173 fully installed displays, and today there are 377. In 2016, the Museum Store grossed its highest earnings at more than $1 million. MIM’s popular Experience Cultural Program Series initially occurred quarterly; today, the signature event is hosted monthly, celebrating a variety of global cultures.

“MIM’s seventh anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the great progress we have made toward fulfilling our mission. Since opening, nearly two million guests have experienced music and cultures from around the world,” says April Salomon, MIM’s executive director.