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Dreamers’ Circus


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Enthralling trio from Denmark and Sweden who bring all of their rich musical background influences, from classical and jazz, to bear rich fruits in their shared world of traditional and folk music.

—Irish Times

The watchword here is ‘expansive,’ for the trio crafts remarkably open vistas from humble means.


A new driving force in Nordic world music is the young Danish trio Dreamers’ Circus. Contemporary and endlessly innovative in their approach, they draw inspiration from the deep traditions of folk music in the region and reshape them into something bright, shiny, and new.

The group displays inventiveness and talent in its approach to performances that include music from Denmark and Sweden as well as Iceland, Finland, and the far reaches of the windswept Faroe Islands. The ensemble has won five prestigious Danish Music Awards and toured throughout Europe and beyond, with performances in Japan and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

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