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Paul Thorn Band

Americana and Folk

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This music not only revives weary spirits but also offers hope of a new, more glorious world where the devil—whether in the guise of simple evil or in the form of various kinds of systemic social oppression—can no longer capture one’s soul.

No Depression

Paul Thorn is a natural-born Southern storyteller with humble stage banter and musical delivery that’s gritty and gruff.


Paul Thorn has created an innovative and impressive career, exciting crowds with his muscular brand of bluesy, rocking, and thoroughly Southern American roots music.

Raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, among the same spirits (and some of the actual people) who nurtured the young Elvis generations before, Paul Thorn has rambled down back roads and jumped out of airplanes, worked for years in a furniture factory, and battled four-time world champion boxer Roberto Duran on national television. He has performed on stages with Bonnie Raitt, Mark Knopfler, Sting, and John Prine, among many others, and has made some of the most emotionally restless yet fully accessible music of our time.

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