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Terry Riley with Gyan Riley: Live at 85!


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Instead of steering listeners through an aural topography full of threats and havens, he offers a liquid plain, featureless and pleasant, and sets listeners adrift.

New York Magazine

Riley’s musical revolution has proved spiritually and artistically sustaining.


Gyan Riley is a one-man American-music machine, amicably ranging across the fields of jazz, world music, and post-minimalism.

New Yorker

Terry Riley (composer, pianist, and vocalist) launched what came to be known as the minimalist movement with his revolutionary classic In C. This groundbreaking work provided a fresh concept in musical form based on interlocking repetitive patterns. The composition’s influence is heard in the work of prominent modern composers including Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and John Adams and in the rock music of the Who, the Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream, and Curved Air. Riley’s hypnotic, multilevel, polymetric, brightly orchestrated, eastern-flavored improvisations and compositions have set the stage for today’s prevailing interest in a new tonality.

Terry Riley speaks to his profound appreciation of performing with his son, guitarist Gyan Riley, saying, “Nothing I have done in this life has given me more satisfaction than improvising on these songs with Gyan. Nothing I have done can match the intuitive synchronicity we have shared, many times, on the stage.”

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