Celebrating 10 years of inspiring, entertaining, and enriching the community

More than 10 years ago, MIM’s founder set out to create a museum with a simple notion: in all places and across all time, what arguably has more impact on people’s lives and emotions day in and day out than music?

Since then, MIM has aspired to be the “best museum ever”—somewhere that offers inspiring, interesting, entertaining, and fun experiences for everyone to enjoy regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, background, education, or income level. Music unites and empowers us all. With your help and belief in MIM, we have built a community that cares about our mission of connecting people through music.

As MIM approaches its 10th anniversary in 2020, we continue striving to be the best museum ever for you, our community, and our world. We welcome you to celebrate not only MIM’s 10th anniversary, but also the very best of humanity—music. Come see, hear, and feel the powerful and uniting force of music and join us for family-friendly Signature Events, special anniversary celebrations, and Global Masters concerts throughout the New Year.